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About Us


This name is a symbol of quality reliability and beauty.

Meble Nova is modern, dynamically developing company specializing in manufacturing of tables, coffee tables and tables decorating houses of our customers.


Furniture produced and exported by us is made of natural veneers and conquered markets of many europen countris.We are able to meet needs of the most demanding clients as our furniture is modern, made from perfect materials but offered for a reasonable price, they charm with their refined simplicity or surprice with innovative and sophisticated style and users comfort.


A few years presence on the market in the line of business tightly connected with building and interior decorations, those who would like to have a good look at our company will see that in every field we try to be open, skillful, honest and dynamic partner.


To our customers we guarantee the highest quality as well as, professional and proper service.



In our offer there are models of modern design referring to simple in body, Italian style, which look perfectly in every comparment. High standard of our products is influenced by selection of the best semi-finished products and high level of skills of connecting them whit one another.The orders are realized systematically and we try to come up to the expectations of all the clients. The company set as a goal introducing in the market the furniture of the highest quantity that is why the aspect of its assurance is seen at every stage of company's functioning.